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Shanghai Lianghai Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd is a distributor  of supplies,materials and consumables for the SMT industry. We also provide after-sales service for PCB population and assembly related businesses. We are the exclusive China distributors for Hi-Tech product made in Japan such as Malcom inspection equipment and Hakko rework stations, among others.

We put the client first and believe long term business relationships with our clients are built on honesty,quick response,focus on customer service and accurate product information.We pride ourselves on quality and provide competitive pricing in serving our clientsspecific requirements.

Shanghai Lianghai Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd was set up in early 2005.Since then we have developed a history of performance allowing us to gain our clientstrust and our suppliersfull trust and technological support so as to ensure outstanding customer service. 

We are planning our growth for the long term.We are adding smart,creative and energetic people to our team,and we are giving them what they need in terms of training and equipment so that they can continue to serve the demanding needs of our customers.We believe that it is this commitment to customer service which assures our ability to continue to be a pillar of the PCB industry here and now,and into the future.





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Tel: 021-50898536

Email: zgl@liang-hai.com.cn

Add: 1369 Dongfang Road, Pudong, Shanghai 21B, Building 6, Haifu Garden

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